The UN today halted all aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip

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The United Nations today halted all aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip, citing a series of Israeli attacks on UN staff and installations. The announcement came shortly after the driver of a UN truck was killed by tank fire as he was headed to an Israeli border crossing to pick up an aid shipment. The UN said the delivery had been coordinated with Israel. The Israeli army has not commented.

A UN spokesman says aid shipments are being suspended until the safety of UN staff can be guaranteed. Earlier this week, nearly 40 people were killed by Israeli mortar fire outside a UN school. Israel said its troops had come under fire by militants using the building for cover. For a second straight day, Israel said it suspended its Gaza military operation for three hours today to allow in humanitarian supplies, but the truck driver came under fire before the pause, the UN says.  (Source)

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