Make Cheap (and Free) International Calls with RebTel

Making international calls is never cheap, but there are a handful of services available that allow you to make cheap and sometimes even free international mobile-to-mobile phone calls. Rebtel is one of those services, and trust me, you’ll be glad you found it. It seems the small Swedish company has been compared to Skype and Jajah several times, except you don’t have to download software or even need a computer to use it.It basically works by providing both parties with local numbers when connected on an international call. When the connection is made, the call is routed to a VoIP system that bridges the call between the two people. RebTel international rates are typically low, but if you and your friend live in a Rebtel country, you can make free calls to each other. It’s a bit tricky, but worth trying if you make frequent calls to any of the countries listed.

To initiate a free call, you’ll have to access Rebtel on your computer or mobile phone to get a Rebtel local number. You call your friend with this number, ask him/her to hangup while you stay on the line, then wait for him/her to call you back. This basically connects you and your friend to local lines so the international part of the call is free. But be warned—when you use your mobile, standard charges for local calls still apply.

If you’re a Facebook user with lots of international friends, you can install the new Facebook Reb Me application on your profile so your buddies can click the button to generate a local number that connects to your mobile. Should be a great way to stay in touch with friends, without racking up a huge bill.


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  1. Yes, Rebtel allow us to make cheap international calling and sometimes even free of charges from mobile to mobile phone.

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