Apple Limits Customers To 2 iPhones Per Buyer

iphoneSeattle (dbTechno) – Apple has made the announcement that they are making a stand to try and stop iPhone buyers from purchasing the devices just to resell them by limiting the number of phones buyers can purchase to just two iPhones.Apple also stated that they will no longer accept cash when selling the Apple iPhone.

Apple kicked off this new policy last week in an attempt to try and stop the reselling of the iPhone on auction locations such as eBay.

This was a huge cut from the previous maximum which allowed buyers to purchase up to five iPhones and had no restrictions in place as to how they could pay for them.

Apple believes that many buyers were purchasing the iPHone to modify or unlock them and then resell it online at a premium price point. Apple recently stated over 250,000 iPhones have been unlocked to work on other networks besides the exclusive AT&T network Apple has a deal with.

How this will have an impact on iPhone sales remains to be seen but it is clear that Apple is dead serious about fighting the unlocking of the iPhone and reselling of the device as well, even if it means they may lose some sales to resellers.

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