Boycotting Britney!

Some former Britney Spears‘ pals are calling for a blackout on Blackout—at least until the singer cleans up her act. “Our message is simple,” says one of the organizers of the Be Proactive to Help Website. “Don’t buy her stuff until she’s better.”

The MySpace-based page was created by people who used to work with Britney, including a bodyguard, backup dancer and makeup artist, as well as several old friends.

“We’ve all hung out with Britney a lot,” says our source. “We’ve seen her at her best and at her worst. And we aren’t doing this to be mean. We’re doing this out of concern, for herself and for her boys. They need a mother figure and right now, they don’t have that.”

The group accuses record executives and other business associates who make money off of Spears as acting as enablers, turning a blind eye to her erratic behavior because she continues to make them money.

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2 Responses

  1. […] Britney clean up her act if fans refuse to buy her music until she does?  Her friends are asking fans not to buy her latest album in the hope that it will be a wake up call; but if Britney is mentally ill as has been suggested, […]

  2. how about the fact that britney’s making a living out of these record sales? would it be mean to drag britney down, if she’s a celebrity, a singer, doing her job? she’s not a thief or anything worse than a bad person, so don’t be mean to her, instead, help her to change for the better.

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